25 Sep 2018

TechCityOnSea bringing together all "Four Pillars" of our local communities ( Residents, Business, Government & Education) to promote.......... >> digital skills improvement >> enterprise start-up & scale-up support >> capital investment & finances >> smart workplaces, regeneration and innovative design >> digital infrastr...

21 Sep 2018

Thursday, 4 October 2018 from 18:00-21:00 Skylark - Hotel & Conference Centre, Aviation Way, SS26 Southend-on-Sea Tech City-on-Sea presents our TechCityOnThames Internet of Things Afterparty… in partnership with LoCASE. Tech City-on-Sea is THE networking event for Essex based Tech companies, Start-Ups and Freelancers. This event is free to Essex and London based businesses. ...

17 Jul 2018

Barrons is happy to announce that the 2018 'Play on the Pitch' event raised a fantastic £15,694.75. This is an amazing result and means that Barclays has matched the amount raised, the amount for Little Havens will be just shy of £31,400. Thank you to each and every person who was involved in making this year a great success and it won’t be long before we start talking about the 20...

08 May 2018

In the latest ruse, scammers are cold calling people and leaving messages in which they impersonate HMRC members of staff and tell people they are under investigation for non-payment of taxes. They seem to be targeting unsuspecting vulnerable and elderly people who will likely be panicked by such a message. The message states that they need to call a certain number back, to discuss...

16 May 2016

On the 7th May, Jo Travis held a BBQ charity event to raise awareness for the children’s heart federation charity. They had a great day and managed to raise an incredible £560.

Go Jo Travis!

Below are some pictures from the charity event

28 Mar 2016

There has been focus on the calculation of holiday pay by employers since the decision of the Employment Tribunal in the case of Bear Scotland which dealt with the issue of overtime when calculating holiday pay. The latest case on the topic, British Gas –v- Lock, dealt with the issue of commission when calculating holiday pay. The case was recently considered by the Employment Appeal ...

22 Mar 2016

As of April 2016 the Employment Allowance will increase from £2,000 to £3000 per annum.

Also, there is a new Living Wage which will replace the upper level of National Minimum Wage for anyone 25 years and over who is not in the first year of an apprenticeship – this will be £7.20 per hour.