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You shouldn’t be concerned about switching accountants, Barrons take care of the switching process from start to finish. After we receive a letter of authority, we will liaise with your existing accountant and request all of your accounting history.

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    What brings you here?

    I'm a start up business

    and I need some advise and guidance
    It is essential to get your business starting from the right place, Barrons can help with every aspect from testing your business ideas to helping to choosing the right business structure.

    I'm an existing business

    looking for statutory and/or I'm looking to grow
    Some accountants can be too busy to give you the service you need, which means your business can suffer, you might pay more tax than you need to. No matter how new or established your business, Barrons offers a 1st class service, otherwise, what’s the point?

    I've been referred

    by my bank, colleague or IFA
    Most of our clients have been referred through one channel or another. It means we do a great job. Let us take the next step with you.

    Running a successful business can be hard – so many things to consider in order to ensure that you have covered every angle. You need to make instant decisions and react to events as they unfold – and that is tough and often a lonely pursuit. You need proactive support, as and when situations dictate, and we aim to deliver.

    We believe in close client interaction and regular contact. We are passionate about meeting the needs of clients and we seek to tailor our services to meet and surpass your expectations. We can be bean counters when you want us to be, most accountants have to be at some stage, but we are capable of delivering so much more…

    Why choose BArrons?

    A legacy of sucess

    Since 1st January 1996, Barrons have assisted hundreds of businesses realised their potential while assisting them with their day to day accounting needs.

    A team in the know

    Barrons is lead by a team who are experts. The director team are registered with the ACCA and are a Fellow of the ICAEW

    Proactivity is our forte

    Being proactive is the core of who Barrons are. Many accountant tend to look at your past, Barrons spends time looking at your future.

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    what our customers have to say about Cosine

    Barrons has put together a helpful guide to running your business during the coronavirus crisis.